A “Mixed Bag”

I like variety in my life, which is reflected in my artwork, both in the medium used and the subject matter, as well. Living in Africa and most recently, Sri Lanka, has informed my work, as well as frequent trips abroad. Life experiences have a way of filtering into my images, intentional or not. My heritage as a third generation Japanese American has also been explored through visual imagery.

In the Gallery:  I have included many works, for sale and also those in private collections, for your perusal. These are shown as low resolution images. If you have questions regarding any of this work, please email me at amyuyeki.art@me.com.

I hope you enjoy viewing these images.

                - Amy Uyeki

Amy Uyeki is a visual artist living in the lower reaches of the Pacific Northwest, behind the Redwood Curtain of the northern California coast. She works primarily in oil pastels on paper and layers them with acrylic medium, employing a sgraffito technique to scratch away layers, revealing colors and images below. 

Another canvas for expression are woodcuts and linocuts, and she uses both traditional Japanese application with brushes and a more Western approach with brayer application. Both methods are hand printed and in some cases, handcolored. Most recently, she has been working in animation, combining the use of woodcuts in an animated form.


The Jurgen Book Drawings


Images of Serendip

Community Reflected

Small Wonders prints

Passages of the Spirit

Kenyan Folk Tale Prints

Other Projects


“Two Women, Hot Sun”

29” x 29”

Mixed Media

Ten percent of the net profit generated from Amy Uyeki’s website will be donated to designated

non-profit groups from around the globe, all grassroots organizations that promote education, peace, understanding and well being amongst the beings of this planet we call home.


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