In this series of handcolored woodcut and linocut prints, I have tried to tell a story visually,

a contemporary allegory told in images.  There are some links to my own family history and personal history (I am a third generation Japanese American whose parents and grand-parents, the Uyeki and Harada families, were interned during World War II as Issei and Nisei), but they have inspired rather than dictated the course of the tale. (There are modern-day parallels with immigration issues and the paranoia that has plagued us since the 9/11 tragedy). I hope the viewer will find his or her own personal connection with each piece. It’s open for your interpretation.

Each print is printed by hand on Japanese hosho paper with Daniel Smith Relief Ink, and handcolored with watercolors. Because they are colored individually, prints within the edition will vary. They are in editions of 25. Some editions may be sold out and are marked with an asterisk.* The prints are available matted with a rag mat, 18” x 21 3/4” (vertical format) and 18 3/4” x 21” (horizontal format) for $250 or framed with black metal frame, plexiglass and rag mat for $350.** For more information, please contact Amy Uyeki  through email:

Ten percent of the net profit from sales of this page will be donated to the Japanese American National Museum. Visit their website at

** Shipping and tax are extra charges

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