Featured Musicians and Singers


George Hirano, Music Makers, Amache

Roy Hatamiya, Down Beats, Tule Lake

Nobi Nakamura, Rhythmaires, Poston Camp Band #3

With the help of the internet and George Yoshida’s address files, Amy Uyeki was able to locate former musicians and singers who performed with the big bands in the incarceration camps from 1942 to 1945.  Graciously agreeing to being interviewed and filmed, these ebullient and resilient former internees shared not only their recollections but their upbeat philosophies that helped to carry them through the difficult passages of camp life.

Bruce Kaji and Yoshindo Shibuya, Jive Bombers. Manzanar

Yone Fukui, George Igawa Band, Heart Mountain

Joe Shiro, Music Makers, Amache

George Yoshida, Music Makers,

Poston Camp Band #1

Frances (Chickie) Ishihara White

Harmonaires, Puyallup

Joy Takeshita Teraoka, George Igawa Band, Heart Mountain

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