Announcing a Second Printing of Sanae, Senryu Poet


The poignant poems of a Japanese immigrant are contained within these pages.  Shizue Harada came to the United States in the 1920s following her husband in arranged marriage. She didn’t become Sanae, a writer of a Japanese poetry form called senryu, until she had lived a full life, working factory jobs and raising two children.

Sanae’s daughter, Aiko Uyeki, has compiled her poetry in a collection that captures Sanae’s strong Buddhist faith,  her wry humor and simple wisdom, her musings about growing old and her approaching death.

Complementing these poems is the artwork of Amy Uyeki, Sanae’s granddaughter. With word and image,  a picture is painted of the life of Shizue Harada, a Meiji era wife whose story mirrors many first generation Japanese Americans who left familiar shores to seek the American dream.


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The softcover edition of Sanae, Senryu Poet: Her Life in 5-7-5 has been printed, this time through Bug Press of Arcata, California and is available for sale on this website on December 2, 2013.

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